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J.Lewis Bowker

J.Lewis Bowker - Biography I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be appreciated by so many wonderful people. It seems that during my life I have always had support and encouragement from "desert lovers". When I was young I was painting about 120 paintings per year, today, I may be capable of completing twenty. Danskin Gallery in Palm Desert,California has given me an honored position for many years (more than 20). By giving me the privilege to paint in the gallery and meet personally so many wonderful artists and collectors, my life has been enriched.

My husband, Ned and I have been married since 1965. Our 5 children are grown now with children and grand-children of their own. Jed and Shain are both artists at Danskin's Gallery.
All the awards in the world could never take the place of these blessings. As dedicated Jehovah's Witnesses our lives are busy and joyful. Our friendships are international.

My family and I look forward to visiting with you. I hope to be in the Gallery during the months of October 2013 and February 2014. I welcome any interest. Feel free to contact me personally.

J.Lewis Bowker - Biography


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